Andaman Sea

The Andaman Sea is located in the north of the Indian Ocean, tourists always associate it with holidays in Thailand and neighboring countries in Southeast Asia. It is most likely that the name of the sea comes from the Malay deity Andumanus.

The area of the Andaman Sea is more than 600 thousand square kilometers. At its bottom are half asleep volcanoes that periodically awaken, spewing lava at the bottom, generating horrific tsunamis. Thus, at the very beginning of the 21st century there was a very strong earthquake in this sea, as a result of which the territory of Thailand slightly shrank, i.e. simply went under the water. This is a real tragedy for such a small state.

Map of the Andaman Sea

The Andaman Sea on the mapThe Andaman Sea on the World Map

The Andaman Sea on the World Map

Bottom relief of the Andaman Sea

The bottom of the sea is relatively flat it is lined with large layers of clay and sand. An arc of active volcanoes runs along the southern part of the seafloor. As a result of their action, tsunamis periodically occur, which have a devastating effect on the coast.

Climate of the Andaman Sea

The climate throughout the sea is tropical, very humid, monsoon type. Water temperature in the surface layers in winter time, i.e. in High season – about +30 C, in summer – a couple of degrees lower.

The sea receives about 3,000 mmHg per year, mostly in summer. In winter, the sea currents are mainly westward, while in summer they are eastward. During the monsoon, there are often storms accompanied by huge waves.

Fauna of the Andaman Sea

Fauna of the Andaman Sea - inhabitants of the depths

It is home to a very diverse fauna, in particular, no less than four hundred species of fish, mammals like dugong and dolphin, Indian mackerel, flying and reef fish southern herring, etc.

At sea, various sea mollusks are bred or caught. Shellfish harvesting and fishing are developed on an industrial scale. Many tourists are attracted to this type of activity during holidays at sea.

Holiday on a yacht in the Andaman Sea

The sea has warm tropical waters, many islands and small islets with magnificent natural “Bounty” style views, it is just made for tourism, adventure, recreation, yachting, travel and entertainment.

Equally beautiful is the underwater world of the Andaman Sea, which can be seen and studied for a lifetime, and each time it will be new and wonderful with its ichthyofauna and beautiful corals.

This sea has long been one of the best places in the world for professional and amateur yachting. Yachtsmen are convinced that navigation here – simple and uncomplicated, it can be mastered even by a beginner.

Holiday on a yacht in the Andaman Sea

On the Andaman Sea there are mainly moderate breezes that are not dangerous when navigating, there are many marinas where you can shelter in bad weather, easily drop an anchor and be sure that you are not in danger.

Therefore, this sea is considered an ideal place where beginners can put into practice their theoretical knowledge of yachting or improve already existing practical skills of those who dream of becoming a “sea wolf” under sail.

If you are a big fan of extreme yachting, then in the Low Season, from May to October, off the west coast of Phuket, try not to go sailing. This is dangerous because. The southwest monsoon reigns there at this time.

Every year in December here starts the famous and hugely popular Royal Regatta. Thai holidaymakers and yachting enthusiasts from all over the world, who have known each other for many years, gather together.

Andaman Sea itineraries

In the sea are already paved and can still lay out many interesting routes on which you can look at the most fascinating corners of nature, sightseeing or visit the entertainment facilities on the coast.

For example, you can go on a yacht along the eastern shore of Phuket Island and find yourself in the famous Phang Nga Bay to see the limestone cliffs, which became famous, thanks to one of the Bond films.

Diving in the Andaman Sea

If you are a fan of diving, then you should go from Phuket to Similan Islands, around which the bottom of the sea flourish these coral gardens of amazing colors and shades.

Fishing in the Andaman Sea

Today in Thailand often go precisely for the fact that to do scuba diving. Fortunately, in our country there are more and more fans of the sport every year. Many people discovered it in Thailand.

Despite all the love of diving, you should remember that in the waters of the local sea you can meet with quite dangerous inhabitants. There are different kinds of small sharks, winged sharks, etc., swimming here. Be careful!

In the Andaman Sea, you can do not only yachting and diving, it is a great place for fishing, as well as kitesurfing, surfing and windsurfing, because. There are always good waves and wind on the sea.

Fishing in the Andaman Sea

As stated above, there are more than four hundred fish, including of gigantic proportions, instilling excitement in any fisherman. You can easily catch a swordfish or marlin, and then show off the corresponding photos to your friends in snow-covered Russia.

Therefore, any newcomer to Thailand sea fishing in the Andaman Sea, will certainly come to the delight of this entertainment and forever fall in love with such an adrenaline-filled occupation.

In the Andaman Sea there is a mackerel fishery. Dugongs used to be mined, but today they are in the Red Book and are protected. For many centuries, the people who lived on the shores of the bay earned their bread by mining pearls.

Go to the Similan Islands to take part in deep-sea fishing. You can in a travel agency to buy a tour for anglers on a yacht or boat for a few days. The most convenient time is the high season from November to April.

In Thailand, you can rent the national longtail boat, known for its excellent maneuverability, from fishermen or local rental companies. It will take you perfectly around the local islets, pass the coves and get to the most remote places of the coast with untouched nature, catching tempting fish trophies.

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