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Alanya sights

Alanya, a small town with more than two thousand years of history, located in the region of Antalya, is proud of its attractions. Thanks to the picturesque nature of the Mediterranean coast and high-quality tourist infrastructure, the city has become a popular destination for tourists from Russia and other countries.

Top 10 attractions in Alanya

Allure holidaymakers in Alanya not only clean beaches, warm climate and healthy sea air. With the help of various excursion programs, tourists enjoy discovering the sights of Alanya, which holds the flavor of many eras and cultures. Let’s get acquainted with the most popular of them.

Red Tower (Kyzyl-Kule)

Red Tower (Kyzyl-Kule) - Alania

Built in the 13th century by the Seljuk Turks, the tower has become a real Mecca for tourists. The red tower is the symbol of the city, placed on its emblem. It received this name because of the red brick that was used as the material for its construction. The structure, 33 meters high and 29 meters in diameter, served as a shelter for 2,000 people who could simultaneously take refuge in it.

At the top of the tower lead 85 steps, over which tourists will enjoy the magnificent views of Alanya. Tourists’ attention will also be attracted by the exhibition of the Ethnographic Museum, which is housed in the tower.

Alanya Fortress

Turkey - Alanya Fortress

The fortress walls of the city were also built during the Seljuk period and are now well preserved. Every Turkish city has built a fortress, but Alanya has one of the largest. Only the towers in it 140, and the length of the defensive walls on the perimeter of more than 6 kilometers. Seven arched gates with relief runes depicted on them served to communicate with the outside world. The Fortress of Alanya can be visited as part of a tour group or on your own.

Sulaymaniye Mosque

Alanya sights - Süleymaniye Mosque

The mosque was erected at the top of the fortress in the 13th century, but it subsequently became dilapidated and was rebuilt under Suleiman the Magnificent in the 16th century. The mosque is a cube-shaped stone building with one minaret. Its highlight is that the 15 spheres suspended from the dome create an acoustic effect that amplifies the sounds inside the room during prayers.

Tersane Shipyard

Alanya (Turkey) - Tersane Shipyard

In the 13th century, under Sultan Aladdin Keikubat another monumental structure was erected which became a landmark of Alanya. This is the Tersane shipyard, which was hidden in an underground gallery-tunnel, and only five gates in the form of arches, through which the ships built were lowered into the water. Nowadays small ships dock at the shipyard, in the evenings it is always crowded, illuminations are lit, and the medieval building becomes a smart and festive.

Archaeological Museum

Alanya - Archaeological Museum

The ancient history of Alania is represented in the exhibition of the Archaeological Museum. In the fifteen exhibition halls are exhibits of different times, because the land was ruled by Phrygia, Lydia, Greece and Byzantium. The ongoing excavations add new artifacts to the museum’s collection, and the oldest of them – a stone with an inscription in Phoenician – dates back to 625 BC.

Sharavsi caravanserai (Sharapsa Khan)

Alania - Sharapsa Khan

Once such caravanserais, serving as roadside hotels, inns, were arranged throughout the Great Silk Road and other trade routes. Sharapsa Khan was built in the 13th century and performed its functions for several centuries. Today it is an entertainment center and hosts ethnic shows, including the “Turkish Night.

Damlatash Cave

Damlatas Cave on the outskirts of Alanya

Among the natural attractions of Alanya is a karst cave, discovered in 1948 during the construction of the port. Damlatash means “stalactite,” which accurately reflects its basic richness. Visitors will see the most beautiful stalactites and stalagmites, the accumulation of which in the inner cavities of the cave creates a bizarre scene.

Descent to the Damlatash cave is especially useful for people with respiratory diseases.

Monument to Aladdin Keikubat

Monument to Aladdin Keikubat in Alanya

The Seljuk Sultan Aladdin Keikubat I was a conqueror of the city, a wise and successful ruler of Alania. It was under him in the 13th century were built fortress, Red Tower, a mosque. The Keikubat Monument was also erected by his order and is a monument of medieval art. It depicts the Sultan on horseback, giving the order to take the city.


Laertes - Alania

In the vicinity of the city tourist attention will attract interesting historical and natural monuments, which must visit during your stay in Alanya. One of them is located 20 km from the city in the picturesque village of Laertes, the name of which translates as “Great Ruins”. Numerous ruins from the Roman and Byzantine periods of Alania’s history occupy a vast territory. Excursion on them will allow to see the remains of the amphitheater, streets, premises with columns, buildings of economic and church purpose.

Alara Khan

Turkey - Alanya - Alara-Khan

The ruins of Alar fortress and Alara-Khan caravanserai are 35 km away from Alanya on the bank of the Alara river. Alar courtyard, like other monumental buildings in Alanya, was built in the 13th century under Sultan Aladdin Keikubat. Its territory was restored and a shopping center and restaurant were built there.

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