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Agonda Beach in Goa

Agonda Beach is located in South Goa, India. This is the perfect place for lovers of measured rural rest in an atmosphere of complete peace and a high level of tourist comfort and quality service. Agonda Beach in South Goa is a huge sandy area on the shores of the Arabian Sea. Local tourists have the opportunity to rest separately and freely, not crowded in a small space.

Description of Agonda Beach

Agonda is a small village in South Goa, the beach around it has the same name. From Goa Dabolima International Airport to Agonda Beach, the distance is about 65 km. The state capital of Panaji is 15 km north of the airport.

Agonda Beach in India

The beach is almost straight coastline length of about 2,500 meters and a width of about 50 meters. Agonda has clean yellowish sand of medium size, without stones, as well as low rocks.

At the bottom of the sea, too, no stones, the beach has a smooth descent into the water, a gradual set of depth, which is convenient for bathing young children. Here you can always find a quiet place completely without waves. Agonda Beach has magnificent natural scenery.

Agonda Beach on a map of Goa

Agonda Beach on the map of South Goa

Weather and Climate

A pronounced subequatorial climate prevails in the south of Goa. You should come here from October to March, i.e. in the High Season in Goa. All this time the weather is dry, warm and very sunny.

Agonda Beach - description and reviews

The air temperature in the high season during the day warms up to +32C – +35C, at night it gets a little cooler. The water temperature in the Arabian Sea is about +30C, it is quiet, there are no storms. It hardly ever rains at Agonda Beach this season, either.

The closer the summer gets, the hotter it gets on Agonda, along with the heat and monsoons come torrential rains that last until September. There are constant storms on the sea, and it becomes dangerous to swim. By October, warm and sunny weather is restored.

Budget Holiday

In general, South Goa, prefer to vacation middle class Europe and North America. Also rich Hindus often come here. To save money, it’s best to vacation in Agonda from March to early May, when the peak High Season has passed.

According to reviews from tourists at this time on Agonda Beach in South Goa:

  • cheaper airfare;
  • there are fewer vacationers;
  • more housing choices;
  • lower cost of housing and food;
  • cheaper shopping, etc.


Meals at Agonda Beach, Goa

Agonda Beach has many cafes, restaurants and Indian shakes that feature many cuisines from around the world, especially Indian cuisine. A lot of public catering and in the village of Agonda. The cost of food is quite reasonable.

But in grocery stores, the range is quite modest. But basic foods can always be bought to eat on the beach or at the hotel. It also offers fish and seafood at a similar price.

The minus can be called a small selection of fruits in stores, markets on the beach and in the village of Agonda and overpriced. It is best to rent a bike to ride it around the surrounding beaches in search of something tasty.


Hotels in Agonda Beach, Goa

On the beach and in the village of Agonda a wide range of hotels, bungalows and guest houses, you can find a holiday home to your liking, including. for relatively little money. Cheapens in the spring, when the high season inexorably comes to an end.

The choice here is quite simple: in the center of the beach housing is more expensive, and on its outskirts gradually gets cheaper. According to reviews of tourists on the beach Agonda in South Goa to find comfortable accommodation at affordable prices – not difficult.

Popular hotels, bungalows and hostels:

  • Sea Star Resort,
  • Soulmate Beach Resort 3*,
  • Jojolapa Agonda Resort,
  • Sai Beach Huts,
  • Summer Sky Beach Resort,
  • Agonda Waves,
  • Cottages “Palm,
  • Simrose,
  • Harmonium Resorts Agonda,
  • Sandy Feet Beach Garden,
  • Sandy Feet Beach Garden,
  • Agonda Serenity Resort,
  • Agonda Paradise,
  • Agonda Cottages,
  • Aqua Bay Beach Huts, etc.

How do I get to Agonda Beach?

There are the following ways to get to Agonda from Dabolim Airport:

  1. The most comfortable and expensive way to get there is by cab. You can book it on arrival in Goa at the desk at the airport. It costs about 1,800 Indian rupees to the beach and about 2,000 rupees to the airport. The travel time is an hour and a half.
  2. It will be more difficult to move by bus. You have to catch it on the Panaji-Margao highway near the airport and then make a change at the bus station. The trip will take at least four hours, but is much cheaper. The choice is yours.

Attractions near Agonda

There are no architectural and historical monuments on the beach. In the village of Agonda, you can see the Catholic Church, built by the Portuguese when the Indian state of Goa was a colony of Portugal.

Attractions near Agonda Beach, Goa

Today this temple has undergone a quality restoration, near it installed a beautiful lighting. Therefore, tourists vacationing here like to stroll in the evenings and admire this church.

At Agonda Beach, we also recommend looking at some vibrant Hindu temples. They are all beautiful new buildings and located quite far away from each other, it will take a bike, but do not deprive yourself of the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the iconic buildings of India.

And the natural attractions in South Goa – a lot. According to reviews from tourists Agonda beach is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Goa. It is located on a rock. And at the top – a flat area, as if carved by the ancient gods.

The jungle is adjacent to Agonda village in Goa

This place in India is also called the ancient spaceport. You can also see the beauty of the local jungle. Human civilization is gone, leaving only wild rocks, boundless ocean, emerald jungle and eagles in the sky.

There are also huge boulders scattered on Agonda Beach, as if they came to us from the Ice Age. Most tourists here are sure to take selfies as a memento of these boulders.

Agonda will love those who prefer to swim in the clean, clear sea water, and then tan on the sand, heated by the rays of the subequatorial sun. You can rent a boat and ride along the seashore.

Be sure to go to the local massage parlor in the morning, you will not regret, rejuvenate and feel a burst of energy. And in the evening it is very romantic to watch the sunsets by the sea next to a beautiful young girl.

Shopping at Agonda Beach

Agonda, Goa - Recreation and Shopping

There are many different stores and souvenir stores, where you can hide from the heat and with pleasure indulge in your favorite shopping. The range of goods is almost the same as throughout Goa, the prices in the spring are usually quite acceptable.

How to rent a bike in Agonda Village?

This thought will often cross your mind when choosing Agonda as a vacation destination. Too much space for interesting travel and excursions. And there are rental companies.

If at the peak of the season bikes are still disassembled, you can go to a few kilometers to Palolem. The average cost of renting a bike per day is $100, although you can find a cheaper option.

It is important to remember that in the East it is necessary to haggle. That’s how you show your respect for the seller. He in return, out of respect should discount the price, which in the process of trading can be reduced by 2-3 times.

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