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11 Islands” excursion in Phuket

Phuket is the largest island in Thailand and a launching pad for numerous excursions. When tourists are bored with the attractions of one island, they want to see other interesting and unusual places. Such an opportunity is given to them on a tour of 11 islands from Phuket. Another name for this trip is the Pearl of Andaman.

Features of the tour to the islands

The scattering of large and small fragments of land in the Andaman Sea is incalculable. There are vast stretches of land with small settlements and very small bare spots, which are the tops of underwater mountains, where there is not even vegetation and only crabs crawl out to bask in the tropical sun.

Return each time to Phuket after seeing the next island does not make sense, so excursions are organized for 2 days.

Tourists visit:

  • Krabi region;
  • Islands of Phi Phi and James Bond;
  • a settlement of sea gypsies;
  • Panak;
  • Bamba.

11 Islands Tour in Phuket

The benefit of such a trip is a solid financial savings. Each of the sites can be visited in a separate tour, but for this whole day is a lot, even taking into account the luxurious beaches. It is much more interesting to drive around the islands and compare the impression of seeing them.

Despite the general relaxed atmosphere, they have their own unique look, the local attractions are worthy of attention. Impressions of the trip reminiscent of a bright kaleidoscope, which blended colored fragments of white sand, luxurious palm trees and romantic sunset on the islands of the Andaman archipelago.

Sightseeing and entertainment en route

The main purpose of the tour is to get acquainted with the nature and beauty of the islands. It manages to combine passive recreation with its active forms.

On the list:

  • snorkeling;
  • canoeing;
  • hiking trails through grottoes and caves.

In addition, the program includes a fire show, exotic dinner, a journey through the mangrove forests and a stunning photo shoot. All this is accompanied by the hospitality of the locals. The journey follows a certain route, capturing the most interesting objects.

Panak Island

From the outside it looks like an impregnable rock, but inside it is riddled with caves. The most interesting part of the visit is a trip through the grottoes and passages, where the walls are protruding fanciful outgrowths, and the top hangs long stalactites. You can’t walk there; the entire tour is conducted only in canoes, gliding gently along narrow, winding waterways that connect the caves in a bizarre network.

Inside the island are lagoons with mangroves.

James Bond Island

In Thai the name sounds like a wedge or nail, which corresponds to its appearance. Bond Island stands on a thin base, gradually expanding toward the top. It is considered one of the most popular attractions, in describing the tour of the 11 islands, it is painted as the main illustration. Famous for being the setting for a movie from the James Bond saga.

Talu Island

There are canoe rides around it, where there is a splendid opportunity to take spectacular photos against the background of mangrove forests and mysterious caves.

Ko Panye

Ko Panye

From afar you can see the amazing houses, raised on high piles. They seem fake, but a closer look reveals that the residents are so used to visiting tourists that they perceive them as an integral part of everyday life. The houses are inhabited, their owners nonchalantly engaged in household chores, selling souvenirs, and most unusually, unlike the classic nomadic people lead a sedentary lifestyle. They have bridges instead of avenues, and bikes are successfully replaced by boats.

Men are engaged in fishing and pearl harvesting. Women earn by offering souvenirs, giving house tours, and serving customers in a restaurant.

Krabi Province

One of the most voluminous fragments of the tour. Includes a tour of Krabi Royal Residence, Fertility Cave, Hen and Gemini Islands. The most relaxing and enjoyable element will be a visit to Pranang Beach.

Phi Phi Don

Phi Phi Islands are surrounded by magnificent coral reefs. Those who do not dare to dive, offer a boat trip, shopping and the local market, climbing to the observation deck. In the evening there is an entertainment program, including dinner at one of the restaurants, visits to nightclubs, discos, fire show.

Thrill seekers will be interested to know that Thai boxing fights are held in one of the bars. Among the attractions are the Pile Lagoon, Monkey Beach, and Viking Cave.

Hong Island Lagoon

Hong Island Lagoon

The beauty of unspoiled nature will not leave anyone indifferent. A small beach with light golden sand horseshoe spans the space between the rocks, protecting from the waves and wind. The trees stand almost at the water’s edge, offering shade and coolness.

Bamboo Island

A fabulous piece of paradise with a dazzling white beach and azure waves of warm sea. According to reviews of the excursion to 11 Islands from Phuket, this beach is listed as one of the most beautiful and clean. In a small area, which is only 600 meters long, there is a real forest of conifers and deciduous trees. Sometimes the island is called bamboo, but this plant is not here.

Application form and cost of the tour

You can order online or at the hotel in Phuket. The cost depends on the program’s intensity. There are 3-in-1 options with a price for an adult of 3,100, a children’s ticket for 2,300 baht. The most expensive is called the Pearl of Andaman, the trip is designed for 2 days with an overnight stay in a comfortable hotel on Phi Phi Don. The cost for an adult will be 4,000 baht, for a child 3,600.

Reviews of the tour “11 Islands

Elena, 43 years old:

We went for 2 days with the whole family, the impressions are rapturous. We especially liked the picturesque lagoons and amazing mangroves. Of course, we wouldn’t have seen that much on our own. It was good that the time was clearly planned, there was no unreasonable waiting, the trip was interesting and dynamic.

Mikhail, 39 years old:

Going to Thailand, did not plan to spend time on excursions, but my soul asked and not in vain. Impressed by the coral reefs and cave networks. I had a lot of fun in the phallus grotto. It was a pleasure to go to the exhibition fights. The trip was a success.

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